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In my galleries you will find both national and international locations, as well as some archeologically significant locals such as cave dwellings and early Native American art. Our country’s National Parks are truly a national treasure. Simply visiting these parks is a special experience, but to capture the story of these parks through multiple seasons in photographs is a particular pleasure of mine.

God, being the amazing artist that he is, has blessed us with infinite works for our eyes to see. No two sunrises or sunsets are ever exactly the same, each fleeting moments in time. One must “stop to smell the roses,” if you will, to appreciate these moments, and I find great satisfaction in capturing and sharing these moments with you, my viewers, so that you might vicariously experience all the wonder that our world has to offer.

I hope that you will visit my site often, as I am always adding new adventures into my image galleries. I would also encourage you to take a souvenir of your visit here so that you might enjoy photographs of all of your favorite moments in your own home.

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